Sunday, 26 June 2011

So you know , you are the reason.

 Clueless ,

I think i've screwed things up and im so sorry. I wish you can talk to me and let me know what you are feeling inside. you're leaving me clueless and it kills me. i'm so scared of losing you and yet i don't know what to do to make you stay. being me, i'll be a psycho bitch and start to ponder questions one after another and beg. but i know that's not what you want. so i'll just sit in the corner silently and let you decide. you need time for yourself and i understand that. same goes to me. my silence doesn't mean that i'm giving up on you. my silence doesn't mean that I'm letting you go.
 my silence is respecting you and trusting you. 
Still , I'm waiting for the good news.