Sunday, 10 July 2011

these feeling are running out the door .

There are times like this when I feel like I have nothing , so boring !
Even now, I feel like blogging but I have absolutely nothing to blog about.


Do something amazing that you will be amazed ;)

The amazing moments in my life ;

  • Blogging ! Oh okay including facebook-ing and tumblr-ing. Social networking is just great !
  • Coming home late from school , and straight going to bed. 
  • Going for a shopping and buying amazing clothes that I found luckily on sale.
  • Holding hands. I mean my mother's hands. 
  • Having a great night of sleep. 
  • Deciding what you want to do in your life.
  • Feeling satisfied after another and another delicious meal. oh I love this so much, LOL.
  • Texting and talking on the phone .
  • Falling asleep instantly while watching TV.
  • listening to favourite musics / songs especially for sad song yang jiwang meleleh- leleh tu ,HAHA.
  • Taking long shower that wash away your memories.
  • Singing loudly even the voice like 'menanah telinga dik oii '.
  • Hanging around with my super duper friends.
  • Laughing for a non-stop as loud as I can make the whole world to hear.
  • Meeting people that happen to change your life.
  • thinking for the future husband. double LOL.
  • Unexpected moments that becomes your favourite memories.
  • Realizing that everything is just going to be okay actually. 

p/s : Oh, there's more actually in my packed-lists. kalau nak tulis semua tak mampu la hakak dik oii. HAHA.