Sunday, 14 August 2011

Birthday wishes to important ladies.


Oke, baca Ms Whatever! punya blog tadi, beru teringat nak make wish to some important ladies in this month of August. It's an important day to some important people in my life. The birthday of IBU and also my girlfriendss. So here is a blog- wish , the least I can do, nakbagihadiahtakmampu , for now :) hihi, and ohho sorry for being late to post this, grr.  

To you first, IBU - on 8th August 

Well, words can never describe your sacrifices. Words also can't describe my love towards you. You've taught and still teaching me about EVERYTHING in my life. What I should do and shouldn't. You decide what the best choice for me. How can I ever repay you? Tell me. haha. Thanks, for being a great mother and also the best friend of the best friends of mine I could ever wish for. Ibu, too much to say, and if I'm going to say it alls, it never ends. For short, I love you and that stays forever, never fades away. 
Again, happy birthday and I lovee youuuu . 


And to these three awesome girls. Happy birthday :')
  • Ida Shahirah on 22th July , 
  • Nina Farina on 13th August ( yesterday)
  • Nur Izzati on 14 August  ( today ).

Just to inform you all yeah, I love you guys. You guys have been a great person all this while in my life. 
This might sound cliche or whatever , but this is true, even I travel around the world, I can never find a person like you all. I know we've been through a lot of precious time together and just so you know, I'll never forget it. Words you've gotta to keep in mind, I love you all always. I love all my friends especially our group, what it called , HAMBILINS ? or what ? I don't really remember, sorry hihi. I think 'G9' or GirlsNine is much easier.  Haha. 

That's all.