Tuesday, 4 October 2011

They are worth so much ,

Assalammualaikum, hello and good evening.
How are you doing ? Sihat.

Last Saturday, my school had some KAA's programme at school . The last year of us. Anyway, the programme was fine, I wouldn't say it was bad because I did have some fun with my friends but still it was just like previous year. Hrmm, however and ever , we enjoyed it so much. HAHA. I know, there's some moment we enjoyed it too much, but still there's some kind of things we didn't had much fun for it. 
Moving on, there's this motivator , Amin Idris , in the programme had said something inspiring. 

" If you wanna be successful, dare to dream. What dream ? A big dream. And whenever people say your dream is crazy,  just tell them , so what ?! "

I want to give him a loud applause ,
because what he said is so true. 

five abubakar's girls with aminidris.

haha, idk but there's smthng in this pict which inspired me :) mybe the three syaheera/shahirah/syahira there ? haha,

photos ; credit to Mekar Surita Suhaimi :)
editing ; by me.