Tuesday, 22 March 2011

escape Earth 2012 tickets !

salam and and hello again, people :)

new planet , woww !

hmm , what is this anyway ? 
okay, this website is about selling tickets to a new planet !

secara ringkasnya ,
tiket untuk melepaskan diri atau melarikan diri dari bumi pada tahun 2012 nanti ke planet yang baru !
haha . okay. memang bodoh. honestly, truely , and seriously memang kerja bodoh.

here is some article from the website ;

The world is in fact going to end. What are you going to do now? You’ve only got a few hours, if not just minutes until it’s all over. People are running around like crazies trying to figure out what to do. But you aren’t worried because you booked your Escape Earth Tickets well in advance. You and all your loved ones are safely whisked away to a new Earth-like planet to start new.

haha , what the heyy! 
and and yang paling best , dalam website tu , siap ada pilihan travel package . oh God , what the kind of website is that?
hey , hari Kiamat memang dah dekat ,  tapi tiada siapa pun yang boleh elak apatah lagi nak larikan diri daripada bumi dan terbang ke planet yang baru dan mulakan hidup baru ??????
 ahh , you people , especially , kafir-ians , you're just too funny !
and wake up , Muslims , open your mind. 

the Quran's facts told us ,
nobody can avoid the end of this world !
because , Allah is the Greater !

okay, siapa siapa yang ingin membuat tempahan bodoh dan mengetahui maklumat yang lebih lanjut , di sini , tiket jom lari pegi planet baru :/