Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm fat because I'm food.

XY : Buka apa harini ?
XX : Makan nasi je. XY ?
XY : Spagheti. nyum nyum haha. XX ?
XX : NASI laa. Ish, brapa kali nak cakap neh ? grr.
XY : Haha, ok2. I mean lauk apa ?
XX : Ayam goreng berempah, sambal sotong, ikan bakar, telur dadar, tomyam, sup sayur dengan  fishball. 
XY : Haha takde lagi ?
XX : Ada. yang sampingan punya. roti pakcik John, murtabak, roti canai, karipap yang inti telur tu, bubur ayam McD dan buah tembikai as a pencuci mulut.
XY : Haha serious nie makan ke mencekik ?
XX : Eh tak. Neh melantak dan melahap jer. 
XY : Awesome. ;')
XX : Haha :D

join me :D

Ignore the conversation.

So, now, you get the point ? People say ' fasting can make you slim '. Well, maybe to some people. A few weeks ago, my friends told me about their weight loss during fasting month. Hmm, me?  Hihi. Yes, I do lose some weight and its around 2.5 kg only. And the best part is I'll gain the 2.5 kg again, when I eat. Nahh, you see, now tell me what I'm suppose to do. Haha. 

Just why I must be attracted to all kind of food sold at the bazaar ? Just why I keep eating rice everyday even though I told myself  ' asal nasi hari hari ? '. And why I have supper before going to sleep ? Just why I think my fasts are worthless if I keep taking rice ? And why I can't stop laying my body down after I eat ? Just why, people ? 
Here, clearly, I can't resist food. Anyone here can resist food? No one. 

p/s :  I'm fat. I hate fat but I love food.