Sunday, 11 September 2011

No matter how small it is, you still love your family.

Assalammualaikum :)

When I was little, I still remember feeling happily going back to kampung. I remember how excitedly I am meeting with my family, my grandmother my aunts my uncles my cousins and all those. I remember we were sitting in front of television waiting for the Raya's announcement. I remember my father bought us some firecrackers to play with. Spending the whole night before Raya talking laughing kidding crapping here and there was just a great moment to remember. And I remember taking a family picture with a complete family members and cousins. I will missed all this amazing Syawal's experience.

Unfortunately, those things has changed.

I now realized , that nothing will stay the same as the way you wanted it to be. People changed and you have to accept with the fact that no one will stay forever in your life. Who knows, I lost my uncle last week, on third day in Syawal. Imagine, two days after Raya , people outside still happy celebrating their Raya but we're waiting for shocking news. He was sicked about 5 months ago, and about two weeks before Raya, the doctor told us that he's only has 2 months for life before he going to leave his family, us. Again, could you just imagine how was the feeling being told that 'you have another just 2 months to live' ? And on this HariRaya month? I can't help myself to calm. I really really feeling sorry for my aunt. Her eyes never dry from tears. How will she continues her life without her husband ? And she has to raise her seven little kids. Ya Allah. But, alhamdullillah, she still has this family that keep supporting her to make her strong. My parents will always be on her side.
Mak Usu, we are always here for you.

If any of you here, who's still celebrating your Raya with your complete family members, be grateful. No matter how bad your parents scold you, how bad your siblings treat you, be grateful. Appreciate them.  At least, you still have the complete family. How about other people who lost their parents ? or even didn't know who are their parents ? Because we knew, nobody will stay alive. We still waiting for our turn.  When, where, how. All that. Nobody knows. Allah is Greater.