Thursday, 24 November 2011

i love you hahahaha :P

The guy above is mine . Haha . * not funny derr . My head is about to crack . Too many things I read . Chemistry and Biology , both of them are about to kill me. The chapters of Biology too many but what can I say . I keep telling and coaxing myself to bear with it because after this I'll be free. Free from all those tasks and books.  And I do realized , that these two subject are the most important for me if only I want to be success in present . They are the keys to my dream . Hopefully . Chill . Gtg , bye. Oh anyway , have you listen 'got to go' song by Najwa Mahiaddin ? I bet you did already . Lame me hihi . Currently , it's my new addiction yeah . Try listen to the lyrics . Kbye .