Sunday, 15 April 2012

Memori mahal.

Serius. Kenangan dengan rakan-rakan adalah suatu kenangan yang mahal. Currently, I've been missing my friends back in school. Sometimes, it was kinda sad because we're no longer available to be there in class and crap around together. Make some stupid jokes and laugh for it like .. you know, macam orang gila kot haha. I'll always wish them the best in anything they do. Always, support for you guys.

' Sometimes when it comes to end, you'll know how valuable it really is, and then you kept wanting it back.'

I've read it somewhere and yeah it's so true. I feel like something is missing, seriously. My soul seems blank. Sometimes when the surroundings hurt, they will be there for you. They are the happiness that accompany you when you're alone. They will lend their ears for you. They will laugh at you when you make even a simple mistakes. They will shout for your name and serius, rasa rindu gila nak dengar korang  panggil,
" caya caya caya ! " . Haha sebab sekarang takde dah orang nak panggil nama tu , sedih tau sobs sobs. Sekarang kerja dekat office, semua panggil Syira. Mula-mula rasa janggal jugak, tapi lama-lama okay dah hihi. Tapi tapi, tetap rindu dengan 'caya/cayya/caiyya/chaiya' (ejaan untuk setiap orang lain-lain) , haha.

The main point is; I miss everything I had back then ; my bestgirlfriends yang semua gila haha.

: Sorry kalau aku jarang contact korang sekarang tapi aku rindu korang sebenarnya, hihi.