Friday, 4 November 2011

Quick post ,

long journey to go. 

Quick post.
Hello fellow creatures on earth ! I've been in a mood to blog since yesterday but didn't have the time. I've skipped school today though. Hihi. Entah kenapa, semakin nak SPM, semakin malas untuk ke sekolah. Yarh, since didn't do anything at school. Most of teachers would say " you can do your own work." Haha , Harini, saja bukak blog sebab rasa macam menggedik je nak bukak. Bukak dashboard , perghh , banyak gila cerita yang tertinggal. Macam dah berbulan bulan . A few entries I read , most about , '' yeay , saya dah habis exam ! Jom joli ! Jangan jealous ". Bukanlah macam tu korang tulis, but based on my own translation , it kinda sound like that. Haha . So, sangat jealous rasanya . Can't wait for my SPM. Currently, still counting the days. 9 days more to go, people.

Take note, 
I would like to remind any of you , including me hihi ;


And yes, 7 December will be the last day. And Bahasa Arab will be the last paper ! 
Wish me a good luck. No no. The best luck ! Hihi , OkayBye. 
Much love <3